About Us

At Altan’s Farm, we remain focussed on changing our existing agriculture techniques and methodologies from aggressive and excessive use of fertilisers and pesticides driven practices to natural and organic farming. As a result of our continuous efforts over the years, the products we now offer are free from the use of any fertilisers or pesticides and does not contain any preservatives and colouring agents.

We strictly control the entire process from sowing of seeds to harvest, production and finally its distributions. We are not focussed on huge production numbers but want each of our product to perfectly live up to the standards we have set and fulfil our commitment towards being a natural and unadulterated food offering.

In these fast changing times, products and services of every kind are being delivered to your doorstep. Keeping up with the pace, we at Altan’s Farm brings you the luxury of ordering the food products we offer directly from our farms.

We are striving towards creating the shortest delivery cycle from production to delivery thereby ensuring least product storage between production and delivery. This will ensure your orders are delivered ‘Fresh from our Farms’.

Why are we doing this?

For decades, our farmlands were being contractually managed by locals while we were busy engaged in our jobs. We have been witnessing the dangerously increasing use of pesticides, fertilisers and chemical based manuring solutions along with adulterations and the havoc it was creating on the health of our near and dear ones.

We cried foul on use of such methods as well as the adulteration, use of ripening agents but all our attempts and suggestions were turned down in a one-line response."It’s easy to suggest but you have no understanding or experience of our ordeals and reason for using these agents. There won’t be any harvest if we don’t use these agents.”

About 2 years ago, we decided to be the change rather than wait endlessly for it to happen.We gathered and reviewed information on transforming agricultural practices, met those who were already pioneering it, heard their stories, challenges they faced and then it was time to initiate the change.

To start first change was from a lucrative job, comfortable workstation and friendly environment to an altogether new way of life and work.The next was getting used to the criticism, questions, warnings, friendly and elderly advice on not changing everything so fast. We have seen it all coming our way.But the support to make that change happen was equally vocal and strong.

We have been cultivating our own lands since mid 2017 without using fertilisers, pesticides, or any other artificial agents. We use recyclable waste to convert to manure and use it for manuring needs. Our first year of learning itself proved to be so beneficial for us that we are now inviting others to lease their landholdings to us.