At FarmOrganiX, we bring freshly picked mangoes from our orchards at Bachhraon. They are plucked semi ripe and will naturally take 2 to 4 days to fully ripe and you can witness the whole process first hand.

FarmOrganiX mangoes are free from use of any form of fertiliser, pesticides or ripening agents. You get an opportunity to relish mangoes the way nature provides. Due to the natural ripening process mangoes carry the Sweet & Rich Aroma and that Natural taste of mangoes which has long been lost due to the use of these ripening agents.

At the moment, we offer Bambai, Langda and Chausa varieties of Mangoes. We also have the smaller varieties of Safeda and locally called desi mangoes but are available in limited quantity.

Some tips and insights towards natural process of ripening the mangoes specially for those who have never witnessed it before:

  • Mangoes will require 2 to 4 days before they are ready to eat. The variation in days will depend on the time of the season you have bought them.
  • Keep them in a warm place wrapped in paper and box as we have provided. Do remember fruits require warm places to ripe.
  • You can refrigerate the riped ones, if at all required.
  • To Check whether they are ready to eat, gently press the bottom tip of the mango. A ripe mango will give slightly, indicating soft flesh inside.
  • Do note chemically ripened mangoes will bear the same colour and texture in every fruit. Naturally riped ones may have different layers in the same fruit. In some cases, a side of the fruit may overripe and rest remain well done. This is the natural process. Some may even remain lightly green.

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